20th Century Fox Studio Restaurants
20th Century Fox Studio Restaurants

A brief introduction to the history of 20th Century Fox Studio and its restaurants.

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Bevo Mill Restaurant, St. Louis, MO
Bevo Mill Restaurant, St. Louis, MO

In 1916, August A. Bush, Sr. of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company built Bevo Mill with an entrance that replicated an authentic Dutch mill, complete with 60-foot diameter wooden-blade wind sails.

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Bloomingdale's Part 1 - Railroad Dining Car, Le Train Bleu
Bloomingdale's Part 1 – Railroad Dining Car, Le Train Bleu

A discussion about the Bloomingdale's French railroad dining car, Le Train Bleu, located on the 6th floor of the New York department store.

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Bloomingdale's Part 2 - Other Restaurants
Bloomingdale's Part 2 – Other Restaurants

A discussion of the other restaurants at Bloomingdale's New York department store.

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Boston City Hospital
Boston City Hospital

Founded in 1864, Boston City Hospital was a city-funded public hospital dedicated to poor patients.

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Brown's Candies
Brown's Candies

Brown's Candies was located in Detroit, Michigan, around the turn of the 20th century.

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Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago
Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago

The Edgewater Beach in Chicago offered several dining areas including its three-level main dining room, known as the Marine Cafe and its fifteen private dining rooms with seating capacities from 10 to 1,000.

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Goldblatt's, Chicago, IL
Goldblatt's, Chicago, IL

Brothers Nathan and Maurice Goldblatt opened their first store in 1914 on Ashland Avenue in Chicago, IL, and later opened their five-story flagship store at 1613-35 W. Chicago Avenue in 1928. Goldblatt's featured quality merchandise at low prices.

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Greater Pittsburgh Airport
Greater Pittsburgh Airport

Opening on May 31, 1952, the new Greater Pittsburgh Airport cost $33 million. Designed by architect Joseph W. Hoover, it was the largest international airport in the world at the time and contained a 60-room hotel and a 300-seat movie theater.

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Hangar Club NYC
Hangar Club NYC

The Hangar Club, located at 34-36 E. 63rd Street in New York City, New York, opened in 1930 as a mens club dedicated to aviation.

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Horn & Hardart
Horn & Hardart

Horn & Hardart Automats china patterns and ephemera.

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Howard Johnson's
Howard Johnson's

China patterns used by Howard Johnson's, an iconic U.S. chain of restaurants and hotels, founded in 1925 by Howard Deering Johnson.

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Jack Dempsey's Restaurant
Jack Dempsey's Restaurant

Legendary Jack Dempsey and his restaurant.

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Jackson China - Promotional Butter Pats
Jackson China – Promotional Butter Pats

Jackson China Company took advantage of their available supply of butter pats to create advertising pieces that could be presented to potential customers as a business card.

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Kloeber Sanatorium
Kloeber Sanatorium

The history and demise of the grand Kloeber Sanatorium which opened in 1900 in Green River Hot Springs, Washington and burned to the ground ten years later.

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Marshall Field and Co.
Marshall Field and Co., Chicago, IL

Marshall Field (1835-1906) was a pioneer in the department store business and his retail operation was among the finest.

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Paul McCobb - Advertising Platters
Paul McCobb – Advertising Platters

Distinctive Paul McCobb-designed platters with tab handles were used by Jackson China as promotional items.

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Paul McCobb - Jackson China
Paul McCobb – Jackson China

Jackson China hired Paul McCobb in the late 1950s to help increase sales. Paul McCobb (1917 – 1969) was an important mid-century Industrial Designer, best known for his mass-produced furniture designs.

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RCA Building - Radio Room
RCA Building – Radio Room

A look at the restaurants of the 70-story RCA Building, which opened in May, 1933 and is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York.

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Time-Life Building - Hemisphere Club & Tower Suite
Time-Life Building – Hemisphere Club & Tower Suite

The 48th floor of the Time-Life Building served as the members-only Hemisphere Club during the day and became the Tower Suite public dining room at night.

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